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Following our comprehensive review and highly detailed time and motion study approach, which includes an on-site inspection and meeting with relevant client representatives, BMCS will prepare your unique report.

The core of the report is the schedule of specific manager/caretaker duties and responsibilities (including frequency of performance) and the calculation of our recommended suitable remuneration for those duties and responsibilities.

The report and recommendations will not include any duties or responsibilities pertaining to the letting agreement or any other business activities that may be conducted at the complex. Nor will it pertain to the current level of performance of those duties and responsibilities.

There are two features that make a BMCS report stand out. First, the level of detail which we truly believe to be unparalleled in the industry. Second, the fact that every report is the result of a step-by-step consulting process in which we work closely with all involved parties until we reach mutually agreed schedules and times from which to calculate a figure for remuneration.

Duties and Times Schedule

This schedule is the starting point of any review. Following the comprehensive inspection, we identify the individual management/caretaking duties for the particular property and then determine the individual times needed for the performance of those duties. These ‘should-take’ benchmarked times are then combined to identify precise “Weekly Hours” figures that show exactly how much time is needed each week to discharge the full set of identified duties and responsibilities for your property’s manager/caretaker role.

Duties are divided into different areas of responsibility and are even allocated to specific locations within the complex, resulting in a highly detailed picture of the duties to be performed at that particular property which goes a long way to removing any ‘grey’ areas of interpretation.

Duties and Responsibilities Schedule

This is the document that is incorporated into the complex’s management/caretaking agreement. Each identified duty or responsibility is painstakingly identified as follows:

  • General category – e.g. “Outdoor Swimming Pool and Associated Areas”
  • Individual duty description – e.g. “Check, clean and update pool safety signage as required”
  • Specifics of each duty – e.g. “Includes mandatory cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) signs. Arrange the replacement of any damaged or missing signage.”

The duties are grouped in the report according to the necessary frequency of performances: daily, weekly, two weekly, monthly, two monthly, quarterly, four monthly, six-monthly and annually.

BMCS can provide reports and recommendations for both existing properties and “off the plan” new developments, to be included in the disclosure statement for the sale of units.

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Building Management Consultancy Services - BMCS

BMCS specialises in drawing up schedules of duties, calculating fees for the management and maintenance of strata titled complexes

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