Body Corporate Managers / Strata Managers

As a body corporate manager or strata manager, a good working relationship with the property’s manager/caretaker is essential. Having a clear and joint understanding of the duties and responsibilities of the manager/caretaker role is one of the foundations of that relationship and can help avoid disputes.

Should there be any disagreements, the best route to resolution is to commission a highly experienced and objective third party to assess the property, provide a schedule of duties, and recommend a fair market rate of recompense.

With resolution in mind, BMCS can:

  • Review the schedule of duties on behalf of the body corporate/owners corporation and make recommendations on the remuneration payable under the terms of the current management/caretaking agreement.
  • Prepare a schedule of duties on behalf of developers and determine appropriate remuneration for new buildings/complexes “off-the-plan”.
  • Clarify and offer advice on industry standards and practices for the management and caretaking of the common property and assets of a body corporate/owners corporation.

BMCS will provide an assessment based on the reality and the facts of the situation. We can help mediate any disputes, provide clarification and advice on industry standards and practice, and draw up a comprehensive written review and recommendations that are fair and justifiable.

A selection of clients who have engaged BMCS to provide specialised expertise in recent years includes but not limited to:

  • Archers Body Corporate Management
  • North Coast Body Corporate
  • Body Corporate Services
  • Stewart Silver King and Burns
  • Ernst Body Corporate Management
  • Cambridge Management Services
  • Barard Management
  • Sound Body Corporate Management
  • Queensland Body Corporate Management
  • State Wide Body Corporate Services
  • The Body Corporate Headquarters
  • Strata 3 Body Corporate Management
  • Strata Vision
  • Strata Sphere
  • Whittles Management Services
  • North Shore Body Corporate Services
  • Strata Dynamics
  • Stratacare Australia
  • Strata Management Group
  • Body Corporate Headquarters
  • TCM Strata
  • Aquila Body Corporate Management
  • Active Body Corporate Management
  • Strata-Gem
  • North Coast Body Corporate Management
  • Select Strata
  • Challenge Strata
  • NSW Strata
  • Capitol Body Corporate

Building Management Consultancy Services - BMCS

BMCS specialises in drawing up schedules of duties, calculating fees for the management and maintenance of strata titled complexes

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