At BMCS, we establish the specifics: the who, what, when, where, how often and how much. And we do this for a wide variety of developments, including high rise, medium rise, low rise, walk up, retirement villages, commercial buildings, gated communities, town house/villa… whatever type of complex, we understand it.

What’s more, we provide our independent and exclusive review services to:

Manager / Caretakers

A BMCS report will help you resolve any disputes over management and caretaking duties needed in your complex. It may be a disagreement over interpretation, or perhaps the agreement is due for renewal or an option is due for extension – after site visits, interviews and a rigorous time and motion study, BMCS will provide a written report with justifiable recommendations based on industry standards and market rates. READ MORE

Body Corporate/Owners Corporations

Management/Caretaking Agreements are often far too generic in nature. Many disputes are over manager/caretaker duties and responsibilities and the remuneration. BMCS’ specialist time and motion methodology provide you with a tailor-made assessment of the building or complex’s unique requirements. READ MORE

Body Corporate Managers / Strata Managers

BMCS provides an assessment of the duties and responsibilities of the caretaker/manager role with a recommendation for a fair market rate of recompense. We can help mediate disputes, provide clarification and advice on industry standards and practice, and draw up a comprehensive written review and recommendations that are fair and justifiable. READ MORE


BMCS provides professional services in many circumstances. Whether it’s a market review of remuneration under the terms of an Agreement, an update to the schedule of duties for an Agreement extension, preparation of a schedule for a new Agreement, or an assessment to help resolve a dispute, BMCS can provide you with advice on remuneration to managers/caretakers and the precise duties that need to be performed in any building. READ MORE

Building Developers

Many potential buyers are concerned about the ongoing maintenance costs when purchasing a unit “off the plan”. To give them a precise and realistic figure, BMCS can provide you with a schedule of caretaker/manager duties and responsibilities and the anticipated management fee. READ MORE

Building Management Consultancy Services - BMCS

BMCS specialises in drawing up schedules of duties, calculating fees for the management and maintenance of strata titled complexes

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