Solicitors dealing with property management can find themselves in a variety of negotiation or dispute situations:

  • Preparation of a detailed schedule of duties for inclusion in a new agreement.
  • Extension of an agreement requiring an updated schedule of duties.
  • An agreement for a particular complex providing for a review of manager/caretaker remuneration.
  • Renewal of an agreement.
  • A disagreement between the manager or management company and a body corporate.

In these and other circumstances, BMCS’s professional services can be of great assistance, including:

  • Assistance in determining remuneration payable to resident managers/caretakers.
  • Market reviews on behalf of clients.
  • Independent advice in regards to dispute resolution between bodies corporate/owners corporations and resident managers/caretakers relating to duties and remuneration.
  • Development of schedules of duties that are specific to the particular building/complex for inclusion in management agreements.
  • Review duty schedules in current agreements and provide advice.

Our approach is to carry out a rigorous time and motion study and provide a detailed analysis of the building or complex, resulting in balanced, fact-based recommendations and advice on duties and remuneration for the manager/caretaker role and therefore supporting you in creating resolution between parties.

A selection of clients who have engaged BMCS to provide specialised expertise in recent years includes but not limited to:

  • HWL Ebsworth Lawyers – Melbourne (Tim Graham)
  • Nicholsons – Brisbane (Andrew Suttie & Bronwyn Ablett)
  • Active Lawyers – Brisbane (Mark Mellick)
  • Simpson Quinn Lawyers – Maroochydore (Damien Quinn & David Simpson)
  • Mahoney Lawyers – Brisbane (John Mahoney, Ben Seccombe, Mathew Manz)
  • Small Myers Hughes – Gold Coast (Col Myers, Robert Brandon)
  • Success Law – Brisbane (Ros Janes)
  • Hynes Lawyers – Brisbane (Frank Higginson)
  • Matthews Hunt Legal – Gold Coast (Peter Hunt)
  • Devenish Law – Cairns (Shane Makin)
  • Griffiths Parry Lawyers – Sunshine Coast (Kim Christie)
  • Mallesons Stephen Jaques – Sydney (Tim Breakspear, John Samaha)
  • Short Punch and Greatorix – Gold Coast ( John & Martin Punch, Peter George)
  • Somerville Laundry Lomax Solicitors – Lismore (Sean Radburn)
  • PM Lee & Company – Woolloongabba (Peter Lee)
  • Ebsworth & Ebsworth – Eagle Street, Brisbane (Ross Williams)
  • HW Litigation – Gold Coast (Jonathon Webber, Katie Hall)
  • Cleary Hoare Solicitors (Michael Hart)
  • Stratum Legal (Michael Kleinschmidt)
  • Strata Title Lawyers – Sydney & Melbourne (Tom Bacon)
  • WGC Lawyers – Cairns (Michael Heulin)
  • Pevy Lawyers – Gold Coast (Trent Pevy)

Building Management Consultancy Services - BMCS

BMCS specialises in drawing up schedules of duties, calculating fees for the management and maintenance of strata titled complexes

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